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Episode 31

Adriaan Zimmerman/Ret Taylor – Hello Cannabis, Hello Ned

12 months ago · 1:02:19

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It’s 2018 and unless you’re living under a rock, you must be curious about what’s happening in the cannabis industry. In our world today, no other industry is more ever-changing. This isn’t about smoking joints with your friends. Our guests are Adriaan Zimmerman and Ret Taylor.  They’re the founders of Ned.  A health and wellness […]

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Episode 30

Tim Bourquin – You Have the Right to . . .

12 months ago · 1:08:02

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This episode is the story of an LA cop. Most people who are in the force are there for life. The same goes for the fire department, and any number of other civil service jobs. But, it turns out that a lot of them have side gigs…and sometimes, those side gigs “go big”. Our guest […]

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Episode 29

Adam Moyer – Knockaround Tales

1 year ago · 1:15:55

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Our guest today is Adam Moyer.  He’s the founder of the 13-year-old company called Knockaround. He went to school to pursue his interest in art, and started his little sunglass side hustle on a whim while still in college.  Adam’s premise was simple: everyone should have a couple of high quality sunglasses that were cheap […]

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Episode 28

Fredrik Saroea – Rock Star in the Living Room

1 year ago · 1:21:58

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Recorded on location in France, Dana sips wine with Norwegian rockstar and restauranteur Fredrik Saroea. People often think that musicians are rolling in cash and fame. But most of them are somewhere in between. And that’s good news for creatives who want the “opt out” approach to life. Frederick’s story is proof that you can […]

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Episode 27

Kahana Kalama – Aloha is the Answer

1 year ago · 1:08:41

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In a world where we are glued to our screens, is there a better word to snap you out of your trance than “Aloha”?  It’s a word that means all things good, as we learn from guest Kahana Kalama. Kahana owns a lifestyle brand called Aloha Beach Club. He grew up surfing, and then later […]

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Episode 26

Riley Brown – 9 to 5 Isn’t the Story

1 year ago · 56:26

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We’re on location at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco, with Riley Brown. And we have a confession to make.  You don’t have to leave your job to opt out!  This episode shows exactly how someone can opt in and opt out all at the same time. There are plenty of people who feel in […]

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Episode 25

Chuck Patton – The Gritty Ambassador of Coffee

1 year ago · 57:00

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How do you take your coffee? Do you like it black? With cream? Slow roasted? Or with sugar? Let us pour you a hot cup as you sit back for today’s story. Our guest is Chuck Patton, founder of an award winning local coffee roaster named Bird Rock Coffee. Chuck didn’t know he would end […]

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Episode 24

Jack Haldrup – The Kid and His Soap Brand

1 year ago · 1:06

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This episode’s guest – Jack Haldrup – had a somber realization at a young age. One day, Jack was on a plane, returning home from a project for that job. His mind raced. That thought came back again. He wasn’t fulfilled in his work. So he made a promise. Jack decided right then and there, […]

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Episode 23

Ariel White – A Dream That Starts With “V”

1 year ago · :45

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This is the story of Ariel White. She is a creative hustler who has found the perfect balance of work and serenity in the hills of Topanga Canyon. We talk through her story, surrounded by the art and photography of her husband, who is himself a successful creative entrepreneur. Ariel’s business is called MyLittleYoni.com. What’s […]

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Episode 22

George Esquivel – Celebrity American Shoemaker Story

1 year ago · 1:10

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We’re on location for this special episode, with our good friend George Esquivel. Who is George? Well, George Esquivel makes shoes. That may not sound remarkable. But, it is. It is remarkable because he makes shoes in the U.S., where everything seems to have been outsourced. It is remarkable because of where his story begins. […]

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