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Episode 74

Ryan McKenna – Hustle, Syndicate, Invest, Grow

3 years ago · 1:00:01

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Our guest is Ryan McKenna.  He’s a real estate syndicator from Chicago, who’s been on his own for a little while now.  He’s in his mid 30s, has a young family, and works most days in his own place, on his own time.  Ryan’s built a mini empire over the course of his young career […]

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Episode 73

John Beane – Technically Very Impressive

3 years ago · 1:03:10

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If you are old enough, you’ll remember back when your old cell phone would end up in a drawer after you bought the hottest, newest thing. Maybe you’d hock it on Craigslist or hand it down to your brother. Enter John Beane, an entrepreneur with some serious technical chops and the boldness to take on […]

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Episode 72

Brett Fogle – Click and Grow Rich

3 years ago · 1:00:17

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Some of us are born entrepreneurs, and some of us discover it by happenstance.  Today’s guest is Brett Fogle, he’s the serial type of entrepreneur, who started as a kid by selling “Mailbox beautification” services around his neighborhood. From those beginnings, he grew up and each new venture has brought him a new lesson, and by […]

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Episode 71

Nate Spees – Really Green Grass?

3 years ago · 1:05:35

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In today’s episode, we’re going to see that the green grass on this side of the fence is more like a MIX of green, brown and everything in between. Our guest is Nate Spees. He’s the owner of an agency called Made by Grizzly. And, his forest themed tattoos show that he’s a modern-day Grizzly […]

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Episode 70

Vinny Giglio – Get Out While You Still Can!

3 years ago · 57:55

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Many years ago, a 5 year old decided he was going to become an airline pilot. He grew up, as little boys do, and eventually served in the military. Then went to college. Then to flight school. At 23, he was a professional airline pilot. He’d spend a day at home, but for the most […]

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Episode 69

Parand Tony Darugar – (Not) Silicon Valley Kool Aid

3 years ago · 1:02:02

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One of the things most people love about the Opt Out Life is that we don’t sell the Silicon Valley Kool Aid. Today’s guest is Parand Darugar. What we loved about his story is that he didn’t decide to go big or swing for the fences. His success came after he slowly and deliberately built […]

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Episode 68

Jim Wang – The Blogger Who Got Free

3 years ago · 1:06:59

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Our guest is Jim Wang.  Jim is world famous personal finance blogger who started, grew and sold his first blog, Bargaineering, to Bankrate to the tune of a few million dollars.  He’s still in the personal finance game today, as the name, face, and voice behind Best Wallet Hacks.  It’s a long ways away from […]

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Episode 67

Wayan Suyadnya – Airbnb the Guest House

3 years ago · 45:57

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Tell us if you’ve heard this story.  Dana Robinson, co-host of this podcast, decides to sell everything and move to Bali on a one-way ticket.  He sets off in search of adventure, and peace of mind.  And the very first stop once he lands is at a guest house in some local’s backyard. The owner […]

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Episode 66

Lucas Lee-Tyson – Facebook Ads to Freedom

3 years ago · 1:01:02

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Today’s guest is in some ways the epitome of the internet success story. He’s name is Lucas Lee-Tyson. He’s 20 years old, and started his venture from a dorm room in Boston. Lucas is master of Facebook ads. His company, which is now called Growth Cave, started in humble fashion when he picked up some […]

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Episode 65

Carl Allen – The Rich Dad of Business Acquisitions

3 years ago · 57:29

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You’ve probably heard of a guy named Robert Kiyosaki…he wrote a little book called Rich Dad/Poor Dad and rose to stardom as a guru of real estate and investing.  Today’s guest is Carl Allen, whose approach to buying businesses caught the attention of Mr. Kiyosaki. Now they’re partners and our guest has been donned “the […]

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