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If you’re here, you are part of the Opt Out movement.

This is where you belong. No matter who you are, you can live the opt out life.

Yes, we preach the benefits of side gigs and extra income sources. Of real estate investing, and prioritizing free time as much as work time.

That’s nice, right?

But what steps can you take to “opt out”? Where do you start?

You need practical, how-to information and examples to apply to your life.

We get it. And we’re here to help. Ready to talk with us directly?

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Opt Out Life

With our first course, we break down the Opt Out Life into a set of lessons on:

  • Making Money
  • Expense Hacks
  • and Lifestyle Hacks

With 12+ hours of content and 22 sessions, the BLUEPRINT is our private conversation with you about finding and mastering side gigs, starting and growing a business, investing in real estate, getting creative with your expenses, traveling the world on a budget (and with kids), and the common myths that the Opt Out Life busts with our approach to life.

The BLUEPRINT is an extension of the lessons of the Opt Out book. It’s a private conversation with Dana and Nate where we lay out for you how we manage side gigs, multiple businesses, income property, the social pressures of doing things “differently”, and how we still find time to travel and enjoy our lives.

Each session is delivered in audio or audio/slide presentation, with an accompanying introduction video and downloadable PDF guide.

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Opt Out Life
TRIBE membership

The Opt Out Life isn’t just a book and some podcast episodes. It’s a movement.

And our tribe is growing every day.

We are hustlers. We are entrepreneurs. We’re young. We’re old. We’re digital nomads and vagabonds. We’re parents. We are stay-at-home moms. We are college students. We’re business owners. We’re people with careers.

The point is, your “opt out” is unique to you. But you need help along the way.

That’s why we’re launching our TRIBE membership.

Our membership is all about ACCESS. Join and you will get direct access to Dana and Nate and the Opt Out movement.

TRIBE members get access to:

  • Private webinars hosted by Dana and Nate, including “Ask Me Anything” formats
  • Exclusive “afterglow” podcast content (want to hear what we talked about at the bar afterwards?)
  • Our private chat group where we break down podcast episodes, the Opt Out book, and answer your questions
  • “Office hours” with Dana and Nate to discuss your ideas, or anything you need help with
  • Exclusive “Tactical Partner” content including audio and video (want to learn from a master email marketer? Or hear creative ways to manage your finances from a CPA?)
  • Unlimited “library” access to all Opt Out Life content, including previous live streams, webinars, and podcasts
  • A signed copy of Dana’s book, Opt Out
  • 50% lifetime discount on all Opt Out Life courses (including BLUEPRINT)
  • 15% lifetime discount on all Opt Out Life events (including September 2018’s event in San Diego)
  • Invites to private dinners at Opt Out Life events

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