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Episode 55

Crystal Carr – Her Picture Perfect Lifestyle

9 hours ago · 56:26

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The idea of opting out isn’t about making a bunch of money so you can then live the rich life. Sure, we have had some guests with a big success story or two, and those are fun. But it’s not about the cash. It’s about taking back control of your time and income. Our guest […]

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Episode 54

Chris Snook – Startup Drugz of Choice

1 week ago · 1:11:29

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Almost every entrepreneur has a phoenix story. A failure followed by a rise from the ashes. Today’s guest is Chris Snook, a war-torn & successful entrepreneur who now makes a living as venture capitalist. We begin with the consecutive failures that Chris faced as a young entrepreneur in his 20’s. Fast forward all the way […]

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Episode 53

Brett Papa – Guitar Equals YouTube Famous

2 weeks ago · 1:04:33

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Our guest is Brett Papa.  Brett’s racked up 10s of millions of views on his videos and built a cult following by doing something many an aspiring musician might be capable of, flipping on a camera and walking through the steps on how to play your favorite Iron Maiden song.  Brett started his YouTube career […]

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Episode 52

Greg Reid – Bucket List Complete

3 weeks ago · 1:03:15

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If you could be granted one wish, one wish to do anything, be anything, or have anything, what would you wish for? This episode is all about dreams, bucket lists, and making wishes come true. Our guest is Greg Reid, a world renowned speaker and author of dozens of books that have now been read […]

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Episode 51

Mike Wienick – His Endless Streams

4 weeks ago · 1:02:27

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This is a quintessential Opt Out Life episode. It’s not fancy. It’s not flashy. But you’ll want this guy’s life. Our guest is Mike Wienick. Mike’s got a degree in computer science and has parlayed that into a career that’s seen him build, and sell, businesses as varied as lead generation for home services companies, […]

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Episode 50

Ryan Berman – Playbook for Courageous Change

1 month ago · 1:00:26

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Since the year 2000, over half of the Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. have disappeared. And according to Ryan Berman, it all comes down to courage (or lack thereof). A few years ago, Ryan set out to talk to astronauts, navy SEALs, tornado chasers, and business leaders from Amazon, Apple, and Zappos. He asked […]

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Episode 49

Taylor Schulte – Money, Money, Money

1 month ago · 1:10:56

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In the world of finance, there are a lot of suits. But our guest, Taylor Schulte, isn’t one of them. Taylor spent the first part of his career as a traditional investment advisor. One day he realized that he could do better for his clients and did a Jerry Maguire. Right around the same time, […]

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Episode 48

Chris Waters – How He Built Adventure

2 months ago · 1:10:40

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What if one morning, you came down the stairs and discovered a mysterious, wax sealed envelope sitting on your table.  Inside, there are cryptic instructions that end up leading you on an experience you never expected, and well, will never forget.  Our guest is Chris Waters, founder of Constructed Adventures. Chris hit the top of […]

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Episode 47

Eric Moeller – You Down With O.P.P.?

2 months ago · 1:05:03

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Maybe you’ve heard that most wealthy people got their wealth through real estate. But, most people think that real estate is too far out of reach. How can you make money in real estate when you don’t have any money to begin with? Our guest is Eric Moeller. Eric owns a business that makes money […]

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Episode 46

Jayme Sanders – Everybody Wants Some Mint

2 months ago · 1:01:11

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All day long, we stare at screens. If you ask just about anyone, they’ll say what they’d really like to do is “disconnect”. Our guest is Jayme Sanders, she’s an Opt Out Life listener turned featured guest, with a great story as an entrepreneur who has spent the past few years focused on “making things”, […]

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