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Episode 102

Merrick Lozano – Google Dance, Leap, Scale

1 hour ago · 1:34

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In this episode, our guest is not only inspirational to our audience, but has also been part of our own inspiration. Merrick Lozano. Founder of Let’s Build A Brand and Co-Founder PRLeap, our long-time friend has been living the Opt Out life before it was even called Opt Out. Listen along as we chat about […]

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Episode 101

Mindsets and Jets

7 days ago · 24:51

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In this special episode, Dana & Nate go ‘guestless’ to talk about business, life, and opt out mindset – as it relates to private jets.

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Episode 100

Dan Lu – Making the Leap from Engineer to Entrepreneur

2 weeks ago · 52:09

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Today’s guest is Dan Lu – a listener of the Out Out Life who quit his job as a mechanical engineer and moved to San Diego to start his own marketing business and reinvent his life. In this episode, we talk about the psychological struggles of being stuck in a life that you don’t enjoy […]

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Episode 99

The Nomad Nextdoor

3 weeks ago · 56:56

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In today’s episode, our guest is Kristy – also known as The Nomad Nextdoor. A free spirit from Encinitas, California, who left her career in sales to travel the world and live the opt out life. Dana met her in Bali, traveling between islands, where she shared her story of how she left everything behind […]

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Episode 98

Listener Q+A (EP.98)

1 month ago · 29:49

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Today’s episode is all about the listeners! Listen along as we answer YOUR questions about entrepreneurship, how to get the life you want, side gigs and anything Opt Out. Do you have a question? We want to hear from you! Email us your best question at Dana@optoutlife.com or Nate@optoutlife.com and we’ll add it to the […]

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Episode 97

Malcolm Nicholl – Making Words Count

1 month ago · 41:24

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In this week’s episode we have a special guest host, Cory Verner, who has brought to the studio a fascinating entrepreneur with quite an opt out journey, Malcolm Nicholl. Malcolm went from high-school dropout to millionaire entrepreneur and has lived and worked remotely, experiencing a variety of careers. Listen along as he takes us back […]

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Episode 96

Opt Out Spirituality

2 months ago · 40:16

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Throughout his spiritual journey, Dana has learned that certain spiritual narratives can become hindrances to our improvement. In today’s special episode, he talks about spirituality and the implications it has on your ability to become a successful business person. Listen along as he discusses the importance of finding your own opt-out path to achieve the […]

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Episode 95

Real-Time Buying a New Business

2 months ago · 30:37

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Buying an existing business can be a great path to entrepreneurship, but before rushing out to buy a business, there are some important things you should understand and consider. In this episode, Nate and Dana talk about the truths of buying a business, and Dana shares many of the nitty-gritty details of his latest property […]

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Episode 94

Rich Schefren – The Guru to the Gurus

2 months ago · 1:07:09

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Our guest in this episode is the “guru to the gurus”, Rich Schefren. Rich was the first guy to do online coaching, and ended up leveraging that to become the godfather to many of the major online marketing players of today. His passion was deepened to share what he had learned with all the aspiring […]

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Episode 93

It’s The Year of Opt Out

3 months ago · 34:59

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It’s officially 2020, and we head into the third calendar year of existence of Opt Out Life! We’re recapping our favorite lessons and episodes of 2019, and we talk about where we’re headed – personally and professionally. 2019 was a busy and exciting year. Thanks for joining us!

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