Merrily Orsini – A Step Ahead – Opt Out

Merrily Orsini – A Step Ahead

3 years ago · 54:13

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Our guest today is Merrily Orsini. Merrily founded one of the first private pay home care businesses in the United States, back in 1981, which she managed to grow successfully to more than 200 employees.

She has been in the home caregiving business ever since and is now the President and CEO of CoreCubed, where she pioneered the work-from-home business model, many years before it became the norm.

How did she do it? Merrily tells us about her business journey in caregiving, her efforts into incorporating technology into her businesses, and how her perseverance has led to her success.


Our Guest

Name Merrily Orsini
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Twitter MerrilyO

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