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Track Your Spending with a “Spending Run Rate”

2 months ago · 3 minute read

This article was written by our good friend and podcast guest #2, Bryan Rahn. Bryan is a born again entrepreneur, most recently starting a flourishing ticket brokerage and also runs his own online marketing consultancy. A friend recently pointed me to an article from the Collaborate Fund on the Psychology of Money. One quote in particular […]

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How Do I Find a Mentor in Real Estate?

4 months ago · 2 minute read

If you want broader mentorship in real estate, there are two things I’d recommend. First, look for a local broker who will let you hang your license with him/her, and not just anyone. Look for someone who will mentor you and cut you in on deals. Some brokers will push you out there and have […]

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How to Middleman the Gig Economy

5 months ago · 4 minute read

Want a new side hustle but can’t seem to find the right thing? Well, we have an idea you’re going to absolutely love. It’s a unique approach to side gigs that may help you get out of your rut and start making some more money. We call it “middle manning the gig economy.”   WTF does […]

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The Secret Places Side Hustles Hide Online

5 months ago · 2 minute read

You know, every “Opt Out” success story seems to begin with a hustle. The, “I have a crazy idea. I wonder if it will work. Let’s try it!” approach. From selling sunglasses on campus, to roasting coffee beans in your garage, to building a little Etsy store that sells jewelry. The people who eventually get […]

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Our Best Airline Hacks

9 months ago · 4 minute read

I wonder what it would feel like to run 500 miles per hour. Or to jump 30,000 feet into the air. It’s funny.  Because we all know what it feels like to sit in a chair at 30 thousand feet, hurling forward at near supersonic speed.   It feels like nothing. It’s the same as […]

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Not All Nomads are Digital

9 months ago · 3 minute read

You’ve probably heard the term Digital Nomad. It’s a trendy word for a trendy business model… Well, maybe I should say a trendy un-business model. In 2018, thousands of people have opted out of the normal approach to freelancing and are location independent. They make a living from their phones and laptops. They call themselves […]

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You Built It . . . and They Didn’t Come

9 months ago · 2 minute read

“If you build it they will come.” Made popular by an 80’s movie, this myth has taken on new meaning in our world of side-giggers and Shark Tank wannabes. Unfortunately, many people think that they can launch a business and it will be so great that the customers (and millions! and fame!) will show up […]

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“Work Hard! Play Hard!” is Bullshit

11 months ago · 6 minute read

Take your time seriously. It’s your most valuable asset. I’ve heard a number of phrases that are, in my opinion, total bullshit. “Work hard, play hard” is one of them. It’s up there with “Go big or go home!” What does “play hard” mean for most Americans? For some, it means buying a boat and […]

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The Biggest Misconception About the Opt Out Life

11 months ago · 2 minute read

“Opt Out” doesn’t mean take a permanent vacation. Last week, we shot a documentary for the Opt Out Life. For two days, Dana and I worked alongside a 5-person film crew from Moostache Films to get footage that will give a first-hand look into our day-to-day lives. We want to show everyone that we are […]

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My Side Gig is Going to Make $30,000, Should I Incorporate?

1 year ago · 4 minute read

One of my mentors had a rule-of-thumb that if an entity was doing more than $30,000 per year on a consistent basis, then it was worth the cost of incorporation. In his mind, until a business reached that point, it was better to stay unincorporated and just buy insurance, and keep things simple. No entity. […]

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