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How Do I Find a Mentor in Real Estate?

5 years ago · 2 minute read

If you want broader mentorship in real estate, there are two things I’d recommend.

First, look for a local broker who will let you hang your license with him/her, and not just anyone.

Look for someone who will mentor you and cut you in on deals. Some brokers will push you out there and have you sit on open houses and help you get some buyers. Others will help you network so you find sellers. Look for a cordial environment, probably a small shop with someone who just wants to have a few extra agents who are out there part-time trying to do deals.

Second, the best mentors are found organically over time.

Take the next year and go to meetups as much as you can. Focus on real estate (investors/brokers/agents/loan agents/etc.). Go to those with curiosity and an open mind.

Ask questions. That also might be a way to meet a broker who is worth hanging your license with. Listen, learn. Look for opportunities to be a connector. Go on caravans and shake hands.

When people are talking about complicated deals, listen up. There are so many complicated things to learn in RE that knowing more gives you a competitive edge. You’ll talk the talk faster. Be greedy with information.

Learn all you can because that’s going to benefit you in your own deals down the road, and it’ll help everyone you act as agent for as well.

Remember, in real estate it’s all about commissions. So, as you network remember everyone expects referral fees, and even in wholesale deals you’ll want to be keeping an eye on how you can share with people who helped make the deal happen.

It will take some time to get some chips and a seat at the table. But, you have to get out and hustle before you have a seat at the table. Fake it til you make it…push through the imposter syndrome.

Knowledge and relationships are key, so be patient (but diligent) as you take a season to learn as much as you can and build/network/connect.

I love being a 'fly on the wall' of the podcast. I'm getting tidbits from each one that I can apply to my own life.



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