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You Built It . . . and They Didn’t Come

6 years ago · 2 minute read

“If you build it they will come.”

Made popular by an 80’s movie, this myth has taken on new meaning in our world of side-giggers and Shark Tank wannabes.

Unfortunately, many people think that they can launch a business and it will be so great that the customers (and millions! and fame!) will show up at their door.

In reality, you can’t just put up a website and expect that to turn into a business.

I’ve seen people with a garage full of products that they had manufactured in China. Imagine a garage filled with thousands of products that you designed and paid for, all sitting collecting dust.

Or a website with no visitors. You built it…and they didn’t come.

It may be fun to build a website, or a new product, but building it doesn’t sell it.

That’s the key. Businesses and side gigs are supposed to make you money. That means just building something isn’t going to do you any good. Even if that thing is truly amazing. You have to sell it.

Building is one thing. Selling is another. You need to do both.

Focus on selling first.

Ask “what am I going to sell?” Then test that idea out, until you are sure it is going to sell. This is painful for some people. They want to build, not sell. Don’t wuss out. Talk to people about your idea and try to sell them.

Then build only what you need to in order to sell (or sell more), and iterate. What you build should be a reflection of what sells.

No matter what you want to launch, don’t think that building it is the focus.

Building is a means to an end, and the end is to make cold, hard cash. Focus on that first, and then build accordingly.

I love being a 'fly on the wall' of the podcast. I'm getting tidbits from each one that I can apply to my own life.



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