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Jim Wang – The Blogger Who Got Free

5 years ago · 1:06:59

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Our guest is Jim Wang.  Jim is world famous personal finance blogger who started, grew and sold his first blog, Bargaineering, to Bankrate to the tune of a few million dollars.  He’s still in the personal finance game today, as the name, face, and voice behind Best Wallet Hacks.  It’s a long ways away from his initial career path, coming out of Carnegie Mellon with a degree in software engineering and a salaried job at a big defense firm. It’s cool that he’s made big money doing something most people would consider a goofy side project.  But it’s the thought process, discipline, and clear vision that Jim deploys in every decision he makes as it relates to his business and his lifestyle that put him in our Hall of Fame.  I wouldn’t be the first one to realize that I’ve got a lot to learn from Jim Wang.


Our Guest

Name Jim Wang
Website wallethacks.com
Facebook wallethacks
Twitter wallethacks
Instagram wangarificj

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