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Ryan McKenna – Hustle, Syndicate, Invest, Grow

10 months ago · 1:00:01

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Our guest is Ryan McKenna.  He’s a real estate syndicator from Chicago, who’s been on his own for a little while now.  He’s in his mid 30s, has a young family, and works most days in his own place, on his own time.  Ryan’s built a mini empire over the course of his young career by investing in his own real estate deals, building passive income, and freeing up his options. What’s cool about Ryan’s story is he very deliberately invested not only in property, but also in his personal network and his own knowledge and experience while working in a more traditional career in commercial real estate. Listen along as we talk about the nitty gritty of what the heck a “syndicated multifamily deal” is in the real estate investing world, how relationships lead to opportunity, and how a health scare earlier in life turned this college baseball player onto a different, yet still very audacious, goal to accomplish.


Our Guest

Name Ryan McKenna
Website mckennacapital.com
Facebook McKennaCapital
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Instagram mckennacapital

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