Parand Tony Darugar – (Not) Silicon Valley Kool Aid – Opt Out

Parand Tony Darugar – (Not) Silicon Valley Kool Aid

6 months ago · 1:02:02

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One of the things most people love about the Opt Out Life is that we don’t sell the Silicon Valley Kool Aid. Today’s guest is Parand Darugar. What we loved about his story is that he didn’t decide to go big or swing for the fences. His success came after he slowly and deliberately built a small venture down by the beach, and circumstances brought him into a merger with a larger company and eventually the “sought after” IPO. Parand’s journey wasn’t smooth…not by a long shot. He went through a couple of serious failures with his previous ventures. Failures that soured him on venture capital and angel investment. So, he built an opt out business that was just intended to empower him to live life on his terms. His story would have been just as satisfying for us if Parand’s business was still just what he set out to do.


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Name Parand Tony Darugar
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