Wayan Suyadnya – Airbnb the Guest House – Opt Out

Wayan Suyadnya – Airbnb the Guest House

6 months ago · 45:57

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Tell us if you’ve heard this story.  Dana Robinson, co-host of this podcast, decides to sell everything and move to Bali on a one-way ticket.  He sets off in search of adventure, and peace of mind.  And the very first stop once he lands is at a guest house in some local’s backyard. The owner of that home is a guy named Wayan. Wayan Suyadnya is the kind of guy you often hear about on this podcast….he runs a business, he has a couple of side gigs,  he does short term vacation rentals, and has hustled his way out of poverty to be a successful entrepreneur. Wayan dropped out of college to open a restaurant, became a self employed tour guide, and pioneered the Airbnb business in his area. He took his family from being subsistence rice farmers who couldn’t afford a motor scooter to owning 35 motor scooters that he rents, multiple properties, and a life that he controls.


Our Guest

Name Wayan Suyadnya
Website balitransport.com
Facebook hiwayan
Instagram hiwayan

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