Testimonials – Opt Out


I had been searching for someone I could learn from when I came across your podcast. I’m on episode 13 and love the material so far. Thanks for showing me my dream wasn’t crazy.


Tampa, FL

Time is the most valuable commodity any of us have.  And if you don’t control your income, it’s harder to control your time.


San Diego

Thanks for what you’re doing. It speaks to me as a person who is striving to find their passion / niche / gift etc. I am dying for what you’ve aptly named the “Opt Out Life” via side hustle and entrepreneurship.



You and Dana run a fantastic podcast and I enjoy listening every morning. You have really opened my eyes to a few side gigs and living the opt out life.


Las Vegas

I really like when you or Dana add additional analysis and commentary on top of the original recording. You’ve edited these sections in seamlessly and they are always a value add – as a listener I perk up on these parts and make sure I’m really focused.



What makes this podcast so interesting is it’s not the same old stuff about ‘how to build a business’. You guys do an excellent job of telling stories that relate to how an every day person can do this themselves.

St. James


David Garland’s episode (EP.12) is my favorite.  He has such an inspiring story, going from working a regular job to building a huge online following.  His hustle is inspiring.



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