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Vincero Watches – Weekends Are Nice to Have

7 months ago · 1:09:36

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Our guests in this episode are Tim Nybo, Aaron Hallerman and Sean Agatep. Together they are the founders of a company called Vincero. Vincero primarily sells stylish watches for men and women at a price point that seems to be much lower than the quality of watch they deliver. The story begins way back in 2010, when Tim, Aaron and Sean booked one way tickets to China. They taught English to pay their bills, and that left the rest of their time wide open to make a run at becoming entrepreneurs. They spent years stumbling through startup attempts and hard lessons. By 2019, Vincero’s success is an “Opt Out”-style, inspiring journey about risk-taking, hard work, adventure, and old fashioned friendship. Because when you fly to China to “figure it out” there’s no reason for a Plan B.


Our Guest

Name Tim Nybo, Aaron Hallerman and Sean Agatep
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