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Tim Ludwig – Search Funds Rule

9 months ago · 1:03:09

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What if I told you there’s a little-known cottage industry of generally-younger entrepreneurs out there, buying businesses that have millions in profit, to kickstart their own careers? Our guest in this episode is Tim Ludwig. Tim’s an OG member of the world of search funds. What’s a search fund? It’s a term commonly used to describe a hungry entrepreneur in waiting, who takes the backing of a small group of investors to go out and SEARCH for a business to buy. It’s an interesting method for any enterprising person such as yourself to jump into the world of business ownership. Tim has made a career out of investing in them. He’s invested in some 40 companies over the years, and you’ll hear how he ultimately has used the industry of searching to find his own opportunities to buy a few businesses of his own. Most days, he works from home and takes calls from his back patio, overlooking the palm trees and Pacific Ocean in La Jolla.


Our Guest

Name Tim Ludwig
Website ohanacap.com
Twitter @tsludwig
Instagram tslinlj

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