Mike Demko – Outsourcing is Cool, Surfer Cool

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Mike Demko – Outsourcing is Cool, Surfer Cool

6 months ago · 1:09:29

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Mike Demko is an entrepreneur who likes to surf. No surprise then that his office is a few blocks from the sand. His entrepreneurial journey started in commercial real estate, where he developed and brokered deals. When the real estate market grew cold, he started experimenting with using video to do other forms of marketing. Today, he’s a master of the “lifestyle business” afforded to those who know how to use outsourced labor and build subscription-style products that stick. As you’ll hear, Mike’s an old friend of ours and there’s a reason we finally got him in the studio. We just want to be as cool, and as Opted Out, as Mike Demko.


Our Guest

Name Mike Demko
Website myinsurancevideos.com
Facebook mike.demko1
Instagram mike.demko1

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