Kristian and Sabrina – The Green Coconut Run – Opt Out

Kristian and Sabrina – The Green Coconut Run

3 years ago · 53:52

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For many opt outers, it’s all about getting out from under the 9 to 5 and building a business. But, what if your opt out is just a little more OUT? Like out on the azure waters of French Polynesia, floating on a boat, and not working a real job ever again?

Today’s guests are Kristian and Sabrina, a married duo who designed that very life over a decade ago, and have been floating along in their version of the opt out life while the rest of the world spins on.

The cool part about Kristian and Sabrina’s story is that they didn’t drop out and get away like hermits. Their boat life is a community, and in some ways a mini commune, where like-minded people can take a week or more and disconnect from their busy lives to reconnect with themselves.

The story of the Beadle family is an entrepreneurial journey, from small experiment that works, to growing a venture to the next level, all while juggling priorities, and starting a family. Listen along and learn, whether you want to start a side gig on land, or one that floats your boat.


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