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Kim Dolva – Denmark’s Coolest Furniture Man

1 year ago · 1:09:20

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How do you introduce one of the coolest men in Denmark? That guy is Kim Dolva, owner of KBH, the rising star of furniture and interior design in Scandinavia, and around Europe. Kim Started his career as a trained guitar maker. He took a degree in graphic art, but realized he couldn’t spend his life behind a desk, and took another degree in cabinet making. The blend of these led to a unique approach to furniture that is uniquely KBH, a look that is sought after by restaurants and architects well beyond his Copenhagen base.  We chat on location in Denmark and the South of France about Kim’s workshop, his approach to life, and a new restaurant he helped open called Alouette, a high end restaurant that is squeezed into a funky spot above the woodshop.


Our Guest

Name Kim Dolva
Facebook kbhsnedkeri
Instagram koebenhavns_moebelsnedkeri

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