Jillian Sassone – The Art of Serendipity – Opt Out

Jillian Sassone – The Art of Serendipity

10 months ago · 59:16

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Our guest in this episode, Jillian Sassone, started down her own entrepreneurial journey accidentally. She took a piece of an old heirloom and turned it into a cool new ring. Her first day out wearing it, she landed two custom jewelry clients without even trying.

From there, Jillian’s business grew quickly as people realized that she could create custom rings. As things grew, she added her husband as a partner, and staff that has enabled the business to scale.

You’ll be inspired by the true bootstraps nature of Jillian’s journey, as it shows how anyone with the right mindset can accomplish anything they put their heart into.


Our Guest

Name Jillian Sassone
Website marrowfine.com
Facebook marrowfine
Instagram marrowfine_

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