Heintz Storland – Velos by Trade, Barista by Vibe – Opt Out

Heintz Storland – Velos by Trade, Barista by Vibe

1 year ago · 51:01

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For this episode’s guest, an early love for bicycles and freedom has turned into a career in the bicycle business, and it’s giving him more freedom than he ever expected. We’re on location in one of the most bikeable cities in the world, Copehnagen, Denmark. Heintz Storland was raised to get an education, land a good job, get married and have kids. But, he opted out of that social pressure. His bikes cost a thousand dollars and up…but are made to look old, intentionally. And he sells espresso from a little window at the front of his shop, where small talk is encouraged.


Our Guest

Name Heintz Storland
Website http://velobarista.dk/
Facebook velobarista.dk
Instagram velobarista.dk

Key Points


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