Greg Reid – Bucket List Complete – Opt Out

Greg Reid – Bucket List Complete

7 months ago · 1:03:15

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If you could be granted one wish, one wish to do anything, be anything, or have anything, what would you wish for? This episode is all about dreams, bucket lists, and making wishes come true. Our guest is Greg Reid, a world renowned speaker and author of dozens of books that have now been read by millions. He’s produced films, including 2019’s “Wish Man”, which tells the life story of the founder of the Make A Wish Foundation. Greg’s the modern day Napoleon Hill, traveling the world talking to the upper reaches of successful people. Getting to do that is cool, of course, but it also gives a person some insightful perspective about how we all should think or re-think how we set out to do things in life. Try to keep up as he fires off advice in this fast-paced conversation with our Instafamous friend, Greg Reid.


Our Guest

Name Greg Reid
Facebook greg.s.reid
Instagram gregsreid

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