George Esquivel – Celebrity American Shoemaker Story – Opt Out

George Esquivel – Celebrity American Shoemaker Story

6 months ago · 1:10

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We’re on location for this special episode, with our good friend George Esquivel.

Who is George?

Well, George Esquivel makes shoes. That may not sound remarkable. But, it is. It is remarkable because he makes shoes in the U.S., where everything seems to have been outsourced. It is remarkable because of where his story begins. From driving a delivery truck, to the highest realms of the fashion industry, Esquivel has gained fans and clients that include musicians, models, and Hollywood’s elite.

How did George pull this off? Grit, audacity, and the gracious advice of people you’ve probably heard of, like Anna Wintour, Tommy Hilfiger, Bob Hurley, and more.

Listen to his story now.


Our Guest

Name George Esquivel
Instagram esquivelshoes

Key Points

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