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Cory Verner – A Ten-Year Overnight Success

3 months ago · 01:07:22

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Today’s guest is Cory Verner.  Cory had spent years commuting to a job he hated. He made it tolerable by listening to audio books every day.  When the time came to launch a business, he decided to start an audio book publisher.

That was 15 years ago, and that little business grew until it was sold to a private equity group in 2016.  Yes, Cory did fine, but as we’ll hear, he also learned a tough lesson along the way.

Today, we find Cory in the midst of a couple of new ventures and one old one.  Cory’s journey through the entrepreneurial hero’s journey is quite typical, so it’s a great story to hear if you are either at the beginning of your story, or somewhere along the way.


Our Guest

Name Cory Verner
Facebook coryverner
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