Collin Smith – C is For Cookie, It’s Good Enough For Me – Opt Out

Collin Smith – C is For Cookie, It’s Good Enough For Me

5 months ago · 58:30

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Our guest today is Collin Smith. Collin is a partner at the Cravory, a San Diego based cookie baker that cranks out some of the most delicious cookies you’ve ever had. His official title, as it’s written on the business cards he brought to the studio, is “Cookie Monster”. It’s a far cry from his previous career in mortgage and banking, but it’s by and large a more interesting, challenging, and “opt out” path if we’ve ever seen one. For some people, opting out doesn’t mean starting a new venture from scratch. Instead, it can mean taking a leap of faith to join a company that your friends started. Collin took his chance, and hasn’t looked back.


Our Guest

Name Collin Smith
Facebook clsmith4
Instagram cravorycookiemonster

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