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Charlotte Hobgood – Prestige Beauty and Stylish Socks

1 year ago · 1:02:26

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Our guest is Charlotte Hobgood.  She founded a business called Tavi Noir, a business that sells socks.  Special socks with diamond shaped grips used in Barre studios, where Charlotte herself had a previous career as an instructor. It was during that career that inspiration struck for her idea, and a logical test market was sitting right in front of her.  Later, a chance partnership that she struck up over a conversation at a kids birthday party became her opportunity to scale the business significantly, at a perfect time for her as a mother, wife, and budding female entrepreneur.  This story doesn’t stop there, of course.  What’s up with Charlotte’s business today? Is she facing a crucial turning point in the partnership right now? Listen to find out.


Our Guest

Name Charlotte Hobgood
Facebook charlotte.hobgood
Instagram chargoods

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