Benji Hyam – So Crazy It’ll Work – Opt Out

Benji Hyam – So Crazy It’ll Work

6 months ago · 55:28

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Maybe you’ve heard the stories about that dude who was working in the cube who one day disappeared. Our guest is Benji Hyam. Benji was on the road to success with a promising career in Silicon Valley when he took stock of things. His parents had always wanted to travel…but were waiting for “someday” when they were financially ready….then, they lost their nest egg in the financial crisis. It made an impression on Benji, and when a friend invited him to come hang out in Bali, he took it seriously. He a little math on his own situation. “How much would it cost to live in a place like Bali for 6 months? Could I scale down, could I make it work?” Ultimately, as he tells us, he booked a one-way ticket with a little money in the bank and made the leap.


Our Guest

Name Benji Hyam
Instagram benjihyam

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