Ariel White – A Dream That Starts With “V” – Opt Out

Ariel White – A Dream That Starts With “V”

6 months ago · :45

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This is the story of Ariel White. She is a creative hustler who has found the perfect balance of work and serenity in the hills of Topanga Canyon. We talk through her story, surrounded by the art and photography of her husband, who is himself a successful creative entrepreneur. Ariel’s business is called

What’s a ‘Yoni’? Here, it’s a characterized version of a vagina, in the form of stuffed dolls that are handcrafted in Bali. This isn’t some obscure fetish. Ariel is on an “opted out” mission to reshape how all of us – women, daughters, and men – view, discuss and think about . . . yonis.


Our Guest

Name Ariel White
Instagram mylittleyoni

Key Points

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