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Amish Shah – Hustle, Scale, & Finding a Higher Purpose

3 months ago · 1:03:09

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Amish Shah is an entrepreneur who has launched half a dozen ventures, going back to his early 20’s.

His resume includes:

  • CEO/Founder of Deep Origins
  • Founder of Bitzio (Acquired)
  • Founder of Magic Bullet System ($12M Launch)
  • Founder of Digispace (2x Inc 500 Winner)

As you can see, Amish has taken several of his companies from launch to sale. What makes Amish’s story interesting is that most of these businesses started as small side hustles, only later growing to make substantial cash flow.

He started “messing around” with online marketing after being exposed to the internet through a corporate gig at AOL.  Before long, his curiosity and hard work enabled him to earn $30/day . . . then $100/day . . . then $300/day online, all while still working his job.  Eventually, his side businesses outpaced his regular income and he went out on his own.

The “real” story of Amish Shah is much more interesting than can be described here.  Amish’s life has included mansions, Ferraris and Maseratis but also a personal quest for using his talent to do meaningful work.

Listen to this episode as Amish tells us about the ups and downs of his personal story, sparing little detail. We think you’ll learn from the simplicity of his approach to starting and scaling a business, and his unique philosophy on travel, earning income and balancing family life.

Amish’s Projects:
Ancient Explorers

More on Amish here.

**PLEASE NOTE that this episode of the Opt Out Life podcast was the first, and only, episode recorded in our old studio.  The equipment we were using was not the best.  Meaning what?  Well, the audio on this recording could be better.  It’s not horrible, and you can still easily hear our conversation.  We decided to publish this episode despite its audio flaws (our fault!) because Amish’s story is truly one of the most entertaining “opt out” tales you’re going to hear.  Please enjoy it and check out all of our other episodes . . . in high definition, fancy studio audio quality.


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