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“Work Hard! Play Hard!” is Bullshit

6 years ago · 6 minute read

Take your time seriously. It’s your most valuable asset. I’ve heard a number of phrases that are, in my opinion, total bullshit. “Work hard, play hard” is one of them. It’s up there with “Go big or go home!” What does “play hard” mean for most Americans? For some, it means buying a boat and […]

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The Biggest Misconception About the Opt Out Life

6 years ago · 2 minute read

“Opt Out” doesn’t mean take a permanent vacation. Last week, we shot a documentary for the Opt Out Life. For two days, Dana and I worked alongside a 5-person film crew from Moostache Films to get footage that will give a first-hand look into our day-to-day lives. We want to show everyone that we are […]

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My Side Gig is Going to Make $30,000, Should I Incorporate?

6 years ago · 4 minute read

One of my mentors had a rule-of-thumb that if an entity was doing more than $30,000 per year on a consistent basis, then it was worth the cost of incorporation. In his mind, until a business reached that point, it was better to stay unincorporated and just buy insurance, and keep things simple. No entity. […]

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Why You Need to Own Real Estate (Eventually)

6 years ago · 8 minute read

For most Americans, there is a mistaken belief that owning a home is the same as having an investment in real estate.  Your home is not an investment. It is a liability. Your home costs you something. Even if you own your home cash with no mortgage, there are expenses tied to the property.  You […]

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I love being a 'fly on the wall' of the podcast. I'm getting tidbits from each one that I can apply to my own life.



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"Boston" George Jung

Featured: Episode 40

Don't miss Episode 40 of our podcast, where we sat down in the studio with famed American entrepreneur George Jung. "Boston George" was memorialized in our culture when his life story filled the 2001 movie "Blow". Lucky for all of us, George is today a free man and we got his "Opt Out" story on the podcast. Listen by clicking "Podcast" above.

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