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Episode 7

Adam Dailey – Man on the Run (Around the World)

1 year ago · 1:22

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We call this episode “Man on the Run (Around the World)”because our guest Adam Dailey does exactly that.  He’s a former college athlete who turned his access to Olympic event tickets into the ultimate lifestyle business, selling travel packages to big events for over a decade.  It saw he and his (fellow athlete) wife live […]

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Episode 6

Alex Martinez – Fearlessly Find It, Fix It, Flip It . . . But Learn First

1 year ago · 1:13

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We call this episode “Fearlessly Find It, Fix It, Flip It . . . But Learn First” because our guest Alex Martinez has no fear.  Now just 26 years old, Alex has made a career as an entrepreneur in the real estate industry, by becoming a master at acquiring “deals”. But Alex’s most powerful skill is […]

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Episode 5

Bill Mueller – The Man Behind the Curtain

1 year ago · 1:00:29

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We call this episode “The Man Behind the Curtain” because our guest Bill Mueller has a unique skill that is required for every business, from big corporations to independent Etsy stores, and everything in between. That skill is copywriting. Bill hasn’t had a real job in over 15 years.  He works from home, takes long walks […]

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Episode 4

Chris Hedgecock – Just Enough to Be Dangerous

1 year ago · 1:26:00

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Chris Hedgecock is an internet marketer, coder, entrepreneur and Super Dad.  From his start as a teenager at Microsoft and MP3.com, Chris has forged a career path that many would find unbelievable.  In this episode, you’ll hear how Chris’ story covers a broad spectrum of life and business, and he goes into detail with us […]

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Episode 3

Gabe Galvez – My Whole Life is a Side Gig, It’s Called Gabe, Inc.

1 year ago · 1:19:33

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“If somebody tells you that you can’t bring your dog to work, quit your job and start a company.” – Gabe Galvez, 2018 “If you want to learn about deal making, work in a pawn shop.” “I view the myth of W-2 security to be a very damaging myth that’s been put upon us.” Gabe […]

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Bryan Rahn – ‘The Big Ticket’ to Building a Side Business You Love

1 year ago · 1:12:00

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Bryan Rahn is an entrepreneur who operates a flourishing ticket brokerage from Missouri. After stumbling into the powers of online marketing at a non-traditional job right out of college, he spent over 10 years honing his skills as a marketer. He’s a classic case of someone who came upon the “Opt Out Life” slowly over […]

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Episode 1

Amish Shah – Hustle, Scale, & Finding a Higher Purpose

1 year ago · 1:03:09

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Amish Shah is an entrepreneur who has launched half a dozen ventures, going back to his early 20’s. His resume includes: CEO/Founder of Deep Origins Founder of Bitzio (Acquired) Founder of Magic Bullet System ($12M Launch) Founder of Digispace (2x Inc 500 Winner) As you can see, Amish has taken several of his companies from […]

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