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Episode 84

Cory Verner – A Ten-Year Overnight Success

4 years ago · 01:07:22

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Today’s guest is Cory Verner.  Cory had spent years commuting to a job he hated. He made it tolerable by listening to audio books every day.  When the time came to launch a business, he decided to start an audio book publisher. That was 15 years ago, and that little business grew until it was […]

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Episode 83

How to Start Networking . . . [LISTENER SPECIAL]

4 years ago · 43:54

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Opt Out Life listeners and fellow entrepreneurs Bryton Nield and Matt Mclelland hit us up with a compelling question. How could they best approach launching an “Opt Out” networking event in their city? And how else might we suggest they expand their personal and business networks, in general? In this special episode, we invited Byrton […]

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Episode 82

Chuck Longanecker – Can You Care Too Much?

4 years ago · 59:48

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Today’s guest is Chuck Longenacker, the founder of a digital agency who came to us after spending the past two years relaxing and recovering from the long road to success that often ends in burn out. Chuck’s journey as an entrepreneur began a million years ago, the dust of the dotcom crash in 2001.  He lost […]

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Episode 81

UNCUT – Grass on the Other Side

4 years ago · 26:28

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The life we lead as entrepreneurs, as “Opt Out” guys/gals, is typically one that looks pretty great.  No bosses.  No set schedules.  Building income streams.  The grass is green, right?  This episode is 100% uncut and raw from the studio, recorded on a day when we were both running around from project to project.  We […]

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Episode 80

Chad Mureta – Flow State, App Universe

4 years ago · 58:26

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Today’s guest is Chad Mureta. As hit sits today, he’s a best-selling author, advisor, and consultant who has built and sold five different app companies and made millions of dollars in four different industries. And, as we’ll hear, he currently runs Project EVO, a company launched on kickstarter to create daily planners that are built […]

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Episode 79

Steve Welty – Good Life Management, Period

4 years ago · 56:31

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Our guest is Steve Welty, he’s the 30 something owner of a business called Good Life Property Management. It’s a San Diego based property manager, with some 650 single family homes under management. As you’ll hear, Steve is a personable, outgoing face for a company that embodies his unique philosophies on lifestyle, balance, revenue growth, […]

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Episode 78

Tim Ludwig – Search Funds Rule

4 years ago · 1:03:09

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What if I told you there’s a little-known cottage industry of generally-younger entrepreneurs out there, buying businesses that have millions in profit, to kickstart their own careers? Our guest in this episode is Tim Ludwig. Tim’s an OG member of the world of search funds. What’s a search fund? It’s a term commonly used to […]

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Episode 77

Taryn Rose – Doctor Comfort Shoes

4 years ago · 52:01

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Today’s guest changed the category of “comfortable women’s shoes” forever back in 1999 when she left her medical career to enter the footwear industry. Taryn Rose became a household name a few years later, when a stroke of luck put her on the cover of Fast Company, and, well, Oprah declared that she loved Taryn’s […]

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Episode 76

What’s Your Exit Plan?

4 years ago · 33:24

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Dana & Nate go ‘guestless’ on this special episode to talk about how aspiring entrepreneurs and fellow Opt Out Life listeners can best figure out a path “out”.

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Episode 75

Joanna Kinsman – Built on a Bikini String

4 years ago · 54:37

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Today’s guest is Joanna Kinsman. We her on the 4th of July as she skated into a little house party on San Diego’s Boardwalk, that famous two mile stretch of sidewalk that runs along the Pacific Ocean. There she was skating the boardwalk on a holiday (and most weekdays!), while running her growing business, Kini […]

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