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Episode 70

Vinny Giglio – Get Out While You Still Can!

1 year ago · 57:55

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Many years ago, a 5 year old decided he was going to become an airline pilot. He grew up, as little boys do, and eventually served in the military. Then went to college. Then to flight school. At 23, he was a professional airline pilot. He’d spend a day at home, but for the most […]

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Episode 69

Parand Tony Darugar – (Not) Silicon Valley Kool Aid

1 year ago · 1:02:02

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One of the things most people love about the Opt Out Life is that we don’t sell the Silicon Valley Kool Aid. Today’s guest is Parand Darugar. What we loved about his story is that he didn’t decide to go big or swing for the fences. His success came after he slowly and deliberately built […]

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Episode 68

Jim Wang – The Blogger Who Got Free

1 year ago · 1:06:59

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Our guest is Jim Wang.  Jim is world famous personal finance blogger who started, grew and sold his first blog, Bargaineering, to Bankrate to the tune of a few million dollars.  He’s still in the personal finance game today, as the name, face, and voice behind Best Wallet Hacks.  It’s a long ways away from […]

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Episode 67

Wayan Suyadnya – Airbnb the Guest House

1 year ago · 45:57

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Tell us if you’ve heard this story.  Dana Robinson, co-host of this podcast, decides to sell everything and move to Bali on a one-way ticket.  He sets off in search of adventure, and peace of mind.  And the very first stop once he lands is at a guest house in some local’s backyard. The owner […]

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Episode 66

Lucas Lee-Tyson – Facebook Ads to Freedom

1 year ago · 1:01:02

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Today’s guest is in some ways the epitome of the internet success story. He’s name is Lucas Lee-Tyson. He’s 20 years old, and started his venture from a dorm room in Boston. Lucas is master of Facebook ads. His company, which is now called Growth Cave, started in humble fashion when he picked up some […]

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Episode 65

Carl Allen – The Rich Dad of Business Acquisitions

1 year ago · 57:29

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You’ve probably heard of a guy named Robert Kiyosaki…he wrote a little book called Rich Dad/Poor Dad and rose to stardom as a guru of real estate and investing.  Today’s guest is Carl Allen, whose approach to buying businesses caught the attention of Mr. Kiyosaki. Now they’re partners and our guest has been donned “the […]

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Episode 64

Kim Dolva – Denmark’s Coolest Furniture Man

1 year ago · 1:09:20

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How do you introduce one of the coolest men in Denmark? That guy is Kim Dolva, owner of KBH, the rising star of furniture and interior design in Scandinavia, and around Europe. Kim Started his career as a trained guitar maker. He took a degree in graphic art, but realized he couldn’t spend his life […]

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Episode 63

Charlotte Hobgood – Prestige Beauty and Stylish Socks

1 year ago · 1:02:26

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Our guest is Charlotte Hobgood.  She founded a business called Tavi Noir, a business that sells socks.  Special socks with diamond shaped grips used in Barre studios, where Charlotte herself had a previous career as an instructor. It was during that career that inspiration struck for her idea, and a logical test market was sitting […]

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Episode 62

Vincero Watches – Weekends Are Nice to Have

1 year ago · 1:09:36

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Our guests in this episode are Tim Nybo, Aaron Hallerman and Sean Agatep. Together they are the founders of a company called Vincero. Vincero primarily sells stylish watches for men and women at a price point that seems to be much lower than the quality of watch they deliver. The story begins way back in […]

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Episode 61

Tanner Smith – Expat Profitable and Fancy Free

1 year ago · 54:51

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Tanner Smith landed in Bali on a whim. As a young traveler, he lived on pennies, literally paying 50 cents for a meal. He ended up teaching English at a school before he eventually figure out how to “opt out” of a day job altogether and live the ultimate expat life. He owns and runs […]

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