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Episode 47

Eric Moeller – You Down With O.P.P.?

5 months ago · 1:05:03

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Maybe you’ve heard that most wealthy people got their wealth through real estate. But, most people think that real estate is too far out of reach. How can you make money in real estate when you don’t have any money to begin with? Our guest is Eric Moeller. Eric owns a business that makes money […]

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Episode 46

Jayme Sanders – Everybody Wants Some Mint

5 months ago · 1:01:11

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All day long, we stare at screens. If you ask just about anyone, they’ll say what they’d really like to do is “disconnect”. Our guest is Jayme Sanders, she’s an Opt Out Life listener turned featured guest, with a great story as an entrepreneur who has spent the past few years focused on “making things”, […]

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Episode 45

Justin Gardner – In a Van Down by the Surf Break

5 months ago · 58:30

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For most people, the idea of being homeless means living in a “van down by the river”. But, what if homeless meant that you lived in Portugal most of the time, and traveled from surf events, to other action sports events around the world? Our guest does just that, and his name is Justin Gardner. […]

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Episode 44

Collin Smith – C is For Cookie, It’s Good Enough For Me

6 months ago · 58:30

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Our guest today is Collin Smith. Collin is a partner at the Cravory, a San Diego based cookie baker that cranks out some of the most delicious cookies you’ve ever had. His official title, as it’s written on the business cards he brought to the studio, is “Cookie Monster”. It’s a far cry from his […]

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Episode 43

*Special Episode* – What a Year, Paul!

6 months ago · 49:43

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We’ve loved every minute of 2018 so long as it’s been spent working on Opt Out Life. This episode is a special look back at some of our “bests” of 2018 and is a behind-the-scenes hangout in the studio. We’re also joined by a special guest, Paul Saitowitz, who himself has a cool story of […]

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Episode 42

Courtney Condy – Wild Way to Make a Living

6 months ago · 1:03:47

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Some jobs are boring. Some jobs take you to Mongolia. Our guest is Courtney Condy. She’s a traveler, a professional travel guide, and the founder of a relatively new business called Occupation Wild. Courtney’s been to Mongolia and about every other place you can imagine. At just 27, she’s found her way to a career […]

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Episode 41

Benji Hyam – So Crazy It’ll Work

6 months ago · 55:28

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Maybe you’ve heard the stories about that dude who was working in the cube who one day disappeared. Our guest is Benji Hyam. Benji was on the road to success with a promising career in Silicon Valley when he took stock of things. His parents had always wanted to travel…but were waiting for “someday” when […]

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Episode 40

“Boston” George Jung – Behind the Thrills & Infamy

6 months ago · 56:42

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George Jung is famous. He had $100 million at the age of 32, thanks to his success as a drug smuggler. Johnny Depp portrayed him in the 2001 movie “Blow”. His stories could fill 50 podcast episodes. But he’s here, with us, and ready to get behind-the-scenes on his improbable life as an entrepreneur and […]

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Episode 39

Nicolas Cole – Heroes Write Their Own Journey

7 months ago · 1:02:48

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We’re on location with this episode in West Hollywood, CA. Our guest is Nicolas Cole.  He is a 28 year old founder (DigitalPress) and writer. He’s gone from a skinny top-ranked gamer, to a jacked bodybuilder, to an online persona with a massive following (“King of Quora”, Inc.com, with 20 million views of his content.) […]

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Episode 38

Roland Frasier – You Can’t Google Relationships

7 months ago · 1:09:32

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They say we’re all the average of our five closest friends. Who we choose to surround ourselves with goes a long way in determining who we become, and how successful we are. Our guest is Roland Frasier. Roland is a master of relationships. His experience building them (and the unique strategies he uses) have built […]

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