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Episode 21

Todd Wente – Write Your Way to Life Unchained

5 months ago · 1:02

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This on-location episode is the story of Todd Wente, a former 9-5’er who is living proof that a person with a job and a career can transform into an opted-out master of their own domain, who lives anywhere they choose.  Even if that choice is a tiny Swedish town. Todd didn’t launch a venture funded […]

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Episode 20

Alan Ezeir – The Dot Com King of Samoa

5 months ago · 1:09

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In 1997, a young businessman got a wild idea. He and his partner would strike up a business deal with the King of Western Samoa. The plan? To use the tiny island country’s rights to the “.ws” domain extension to create a new “website” alternative for the world to use. Incredibly, that young businessman (our […]

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Episode 19

Dana Robinson – Co-Host and Mentor to All Mankind

5 months ago · 1 minute read

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Who is Dana Robinson? Well, in the world of the Opt Out Life, he needs little introduction. He is the founder of this movement, the author of the book Opt Out, and the “most interesting man in the world.” For our 19th episode, we’ve turned the tables to feature the deep-voiced co-host of the podcast. Ready […]

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Episode 18

Gabe Douek – A Billion Dollars is Still Cool

6 months ago · 57:29

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Imagine your doorbell rings. You walk over, open the door, and standing right in front of you is William Shatner and those two Property Brothers from HGTV.  And a film crew. Sound crazy?  Our guest today made that story come true for a Star Trek and HGTV superfan, through his most recent venture, Guru Global.  […]

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Episode 17

Laura Maly – Grab That Life By The . . .

6 months ago · 1:15

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This is our best podcast episode to date. In it, we sit down with our guest Laura Maly and talk about her rise to becoming a successful entrepreneur and liver of the “Opt Out Life”. What makes this episode, and Laura’s story, so great, is that just a few years ago she bottomed out. She […]

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Episode 16

Summer Travels for You, Mr. Bourdain

6 months ago · 36:30

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We love to travel. It’s a big reason we’ve decided to live the Opt Out Life. In summer 2018, your hosts Dana and Nate are taking several trips across the globe. In this episode, we take a break from our typical format to detail our travels to places like Iceland, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, the South of […]

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Episode 15

Ryan Mulvany – Secrets of the Amazon Whisperer

6 months ago · 1:09

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It started with used books. Then new books. Then toys. And games. And foods. And soaps. And beauty products. And yes, even Justin Bieber pillow cases. Our guest is Ryan Mulvany. He’s a self-proclaimed Amazonoholic, or as we’re calling him, the “Amazon Whisperer”. Joking aside, Ryan has been selling products on Amazon for nearly 10 […]

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Episode 14

Felena Hanson – Zen Vibes from a Co-Working Pioneer

6 months ago · 1:01

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Starting a business can be scary.But what if you and your hot business idea could walk into an office, but it wasn’t like any office you’d ever been to before. The lights are soft. It smells like lavender. You notice a little zen music playing in the background. And someone says, “welcome to Hera Hub”. […]

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Episode 13

Brian Kidwell – Alert! Cheap Flights from a Digital Nomad

7 months ago · 1:15

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What’s the biggest expense most people face when they want to travel?The answer is the cost of your flight. Whether you’re a single nomad ready to backpack Europe or Southeast Asia, or a family of 5 trying to do more than take another boring trip to Florida, travel plans live and die by booking your […]

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Episode 12

David Siteman Garland – Inline to Online, at $3 Million a Year

7 months ago · 1:30:20

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David Garland has been cashing in on his personality for over a decade. The cool part is how he’s done it – from a start at a job with a pro inline hockey league, to a radio show, a local TV show, and only eventually to the internet. Today, his business TheRiseToTheTop is an Inc 500 honoree […]

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