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Episode 90

I Have a Business Idea!

10 months ago · 32:37

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Ok, so you’ve got a business idea – Now what? Dana & Nate go ‘guestless’ on this special episode to talk about how to implement a business idea. They share personal stories of both successes and failures that could give you the information you need if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

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Episode 89

Michael Dash – Chasing the High

10 months ago · 53:11

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Today’s guest is Michael Dash. Michael is the author of Chasing the High, a book about his personal journey through addiction, entrepreneurship, legal battles, and all the lessons he learned along the way. Michael battled with gambling and drug addiction for many years, until a perspective-shifting trip to Bali inspired him to have a more […]

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Episode 88

UNCUT – What’s a Million Worth?

11 months ago · 25:26

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For many people, becoming a “millionaire” sounds like a dream come true. Many believe that reaching the million-dollar mark means being set for life and never having to worry about money again. But in today’s world, what’s a million really worth? Listen along as we talk about millionaires and the reality of making a million […]

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Episode 87

Kristian and Sabrina – The Green Coconut Run

11 months ago · 53:52

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For many opt outers, it’s all about getting out from under the 9 to 5 and building a business. But, what if your opt out is just a little more OUT? Like out on the azure waters of French Polynesia, floating on a boat, and not working a real job ever again? Today’s guests are […]

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Episode 86

Jillian Sassone – The Art of Serendipity

11 months ago · 59:16

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Our guest in this episode, Jillian Sassone, started down her own entrepreneurial journey accidentally. She took a piece of an old heirloom and turned it into a cool new ring. Her first day out wearing it, she landed two custom jewelry clients without even trying. From there, Jillian’s business grew quickly as people realized that […]

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Episode 85

Listener Q+A Episode

11 months ago · 22:21

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Today’s episode is all about the listeners! Listen along as we answer YOUR questions about entrepreneurship, how to get the life you want, side gigs and anything Opt Out. Do you have a question? We want to hear from you! Email us your best question at Dana@optoutlife.com or Nate@optoutlife.com and we’ll add it to the […]

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Episode 84

Cory Verner – A Ten-Year Overnight Success

12 months ago · 01:07:22

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Today’s guest is Cory Verner.  Cory had spent years commuting to a job he hated. He made it tolerable by listening to audio books every day.  When the time came to launch a business, he decided to start an audio book publisher. That was 15 years ago, and that little business grew until it was […]

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Episode 83

How to Start Networking . . . [LISTENER SPECIAL]

12 months ago · 43:54

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Opt Out Life listeners and fellow entrepreneurs Bryton Nield and Matt Mclelland hit us up with a compelling question. How could they best approach launching an “Opt Out” networking event in their city? And how else might we suggest they expand their personal and business networks, in general? In this special episode, we invited Byrton […]

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Episode 82

Chuck Longanecker – Can You Care Too Much?

12 months ago · 59:48

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Today’s guest is Chuck Longenacker, the founder of a digital agency who came to us after spending the past two years relaxing and recovering from the long road to success that often ends in burn out. Chuck’s journey as an entrepreneur began a million years ago, the dust of the dotcom crash in 2001.  He lost […]

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Episode 81

UNCUT – Grass on the Other Side

1 year ago · 26:28

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The life we lead as entrepreneurs, as “Opt Out” guys/gals, is typically one that looks pretty great.  No bosses.  No set schedules.  Building income streams.  The grass is green, right?  This episode is 100% uncut and raw from the studio, recorded on a day when we were both running around from project to project.  We […]

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