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Why should you hang with us?

Our mission is simple. We want to help you break free of the rat race. We want to give you permission to live the life you want. You might want to own a business. You might want to scale down to the simple life and have more time. You might want to vagabond the world. Whatever freedom means to you, we want to give you some tools that will empower you to achieve it.

Nice to meet you, by the way . . .

I’m Dana Robinson. I’m a life-hacker. My mom started calling me MacGyver well before I started my first company at age 19. Since that first business, I’ve started, owned and co-founded a dozen ventures. But, unlike so many business guru’s, I’m not the typical success story. I didn’t shoot the to top. I’m just an average kid who grew up wanting to claw my way out of moderate poverty and build a life of freedom. My mission has always been to do what I want when I want. And, through a variety of methods, I’ve pulled it off. Now, my mission is to help you do the same.

And I’m Nathaniel Broughton.  Like most people, I went to college thinking I’d figure out a career.  But my classes were boring, and I needed to find a practical skill or way to make money.  So I took a job with a little company run out of a guy’s basement.  Strange, right?  Well, it turned out to be a lucky break.  That experience put me on a path to learning the powers of online marketing, starting my own businesses (I’ve started and sold 4 of them now), and becoming friends with entrepreneurs around the world.  For me, the Opt Out Life is our chance to help others find a way to take back control of their time, create new income streams, and live a life of freedom . . . right now.  Not when you’re 65.

Here’s what we’re going to do for you, on the Opt Out Life

  1. First, when you sign up for the Opt Out Life, you’ll get a free digital copy of Dana’s new book, Opt Out.
  2. Second, we’ve written up blueprints that will give you usable tools related to life, business and money.  You’ll get these via email once you sign up.
  3. Third, every week, we’ll send a short update with highlights of new content pulled from our podcast, articles, and videos.
  4. Finally, we’ve got a whole bunch of Podcasts where we interview people who’ve opted out and are living the life of subversive millionaires. Listen to their stories and get inspired to find your way to the Opt Out Life. *Listen to the Opt Out Life on wherever you get podcasts here*

If you really like what we’re doing, then join our premium membership.

For the price of your daily latte, you’ll get a bunch of cool benefits, like private webinars with both of us answering questions about life, business and even the mechanical stuff (legal, financial, marketing, etc.). You’ll also get access to our annual event; and premium content. We’ll send a separate invite for that after you sign up.

This isn’t bullsh*t.  We’re different.

There’s a lot of noise out there.

We’ve all seen plenty of blogs out there on how to make money. There are other websites about how to live a better life. There are even more about spirituality, saving money, hustling side gigs, launching startups and traveling the world.

We don’t want to be more noise in your life. We want to be the opposite: a calm voice of reason in a world that is trying to distract you while they reach in your pocket.

We aren’t gurus, and for that we are unapologetic. We like Elon Musk as much as you do. But, the truth is that you aren’t going to launch the next PayPal, Facebook or Google.

Let’s be honest. You don’t need more gurus.

What you need are real mentors who have fought their way to freedom against the chaos of modern life.

We got ahead by making deliberate decisions about how we wanted to live our lives. We’ve made base hits, not grand slams.

We’ve found ways to hustle side gigs for consistent cash flow, own businesses without investors, and even own real estate without being rich first. We’ve also found overlooked ways to enhance life through expense strategies that save money while enhancing life and empowering greater financial freedom.

Our methods are simple. They are not magic.  You can do them, and we’ll help you see how.

Let us join you on YOUR journey to the life you want.

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