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Hi, I’m Dana.

I’m an entrepreneur who lives the good life in San Diego’s coastal jewel of La Jolla, where average home prices are over $2 million. I have a beach condo, drive a Mercedes and have the outward appearance of wealth. I’ve also traveled the world over the past decade, and spent over a year living in Bali, Indonesia.

But guess what? I didn’t cash out with millions. I didn’t inherit a bunch of money or win the lottery. I haven’t worked a real job in over 15 years.

My partner Nathaniel is also an entrepreneur who lives the good life in San Diego. He’s free to spend time being Super Dad to his two young sons, while still maintaining his investments and businesses. He lives in a nice house, drives a luxury car and does what he wants, when he wants.

He didn’t get this life by luck, but by design. He could be running a big company and making millions, but he’s opted out of the norm and found his freedom instead.

Most people ask us “How do you get to do that?”

Now, we want to help YOU learn those secrets, and find a pathway to live the life you want.

The Opt Out Life combines the incredible entrepreneurial stories of our friends, with an instructional approach to applying the tactics people are using right now to earn passive income and travel the world. Our guests live non-traditional lives, without job titles, and often without jobs at all. They wear t-shirts and have no boss. They spend time doing what they want, traveling and earning substantial income in creative ways.

We invite you to join the ranks of people who live the Opt Out Life.

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